There is an old joke about two best friends, Joe and Bill, who worry about fate. Will they be going to heaven when they shuffle off the mortal coil or eternal damnation? They make a pact that upon the demise of one, the other will return to reassure the buddy of his destiny. Joe dies suddenly, and all too young. Bill is sad, but goes on and starts to enjoy the world again. He is happy and life is really good, but he does not forget his pal and wonders if he will hear from him.

We love to blame our parents for our weaknesses. We vow to do better, only to find ourselves flawed, discovering our faults in our children. Fallenness runs through the entire human family(Ps.51:5), right back to the first parents.

This strikes me as a picture of our lives as well. We’ve read the first seven letters. We know where we’ve been. But we don’t know yet what will be in letter number eight. So we worry about it. These things are in the future. That’s the tomorrow, and some of the days ahead look very challenging, I think, for us.

Liu Xing (played by Liu Ye) is a humble but brilliant Chinese student. He comes to Valley State University and finds the transition into American life a little bumpy. But Liu has the help of a wealthy university patron, Joanna Silver (played by Meryl Streep). She immediately takes a liking to him. Then Liu joins a group of latest space news students, studies all about the universe and its relationship with dark matter, and makes a breakthrough with some unexpected side effects. This sounds like it could be either a smart sci-fi thriller or a drama that’s trying to be something it’s not. After all my research, all I can say is I’m interested. We probably won’t know anything more until April 11th.

Well, of course, that’s not how it happens. With a combination of guile and guts, Sir Roger and his motley crew manage to conquer the galaxy. It’s an outrageous scenario that crosses the line of insanity, but Anderson makes it work.

Some of us worry about our kids. Like, how are they going to turn out? Some of us worry about college costs, and we hope desperately that Christ returns before we have to start paying for the university. Almost all of us worry about the future of medicine and the challenges that face us there. But the good news is the Good News. God’s a postman. He’s already delivered letter number 22 to each of us in his own handwriting through the scriptures.

I have to go now because I have a quantum funnel in the garage and I’m going to scoop up some of that dark energy and put it into the gas tank of my Toyota Sienna.