Website. Keep in mind that your website is your online image. If you want your visitors to buy from you, you need to make sure that your website helps you project a professional image. It must be highly informative (it must speak volumes about your expertise) and it must be well-designed.

My father is a classic example of a man who’s spent his life working terrible hours under constant pressure, all for other men’s wealth. If he’d just taken a chance and tried for something more he’d have it. The way I see it is this, if he can work himself to the bone like that for other people, imagine how well he could of done with an online business of his own. He could get paid whatever he wants.

Nothing is more annoying for today’s “over-marketed-to consumer” than another marketing video that does nothing but try to hard sell them. So, make sure to serve them by including free information that helps your prospect solve a problem.

Although YouTube gets the most traffic, there are other video sites you can upload your video to. These include Metacafe and Vimeo. There are various services or software which will submit your video to many sites for you at the touch of a button to save you manually doing it one by one. Now you will be using EZ Magic Video oto as a true marketer and not wasting time.

Although being unique is a key differentiator, in-and-of-itself, uniqueness is not enough. If your message is great but no one hears it – what does it matter? So now in addition to having to make your message stand out, you have to be sure your message is heard. The right message to the right target at the right time that is what you video marketing softwares are aiming for.

Yes it is free to upload your video using the many video sharing sites…that just about it. REMEMBER Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could…The trick, the art form here lies in being able to reach your is having the correct video marketing softwares, the right target market/audience i.e., know who you market your video to and then getting people to share your video – a concept commonly referred to as video viral marketing!

When doing your video speak slowly and explain to your audience step by step. Speak as you would explain technology you your non-tech-gadget buddy. If you get tongue-tied, slow down and repeat yourself. At the end of your recording tell your audience what to do. This is the “call-to-action” and it could be as easy as “Rate My Video”, comment and share on Twitter and Facebook.

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